Dream Themes in Las Vegas, You Bet!

I want to invite you to check out this cool new design, create and build Company here in Las Vegas, Nevada called Dream Themes.

These guys, or should I say Twins, Vic, and Rick Gibson are indeed Las Vegas’ master craftsmen, and it shows! They’ve been seen on American Restoration restoring antique collections and toys for Rick Dale, and for the last few years created some amazing cabinetry and facades for the Tanked TV show on Animal Planet. They do know their design, wood-working, and metal fabrication!

They have been the behind the scenes talent here in Las Vegas for over 40 years. For 17 years they were building some fantastic props and stages for the Legends in Concert show with John Stewart, and throughout their career, they have designed some pretty cool Man Caves, Diva Dens, convention stages, props, creative walls and specialty rooms at the Las Vegas Convention center for their customers who want something unique.

Currently, they just build the ultimate Man Cave, a “Knights” Castle complete with all the props, posters, fun games to play like floor Hockey and Foosball along with an entire wall of LED TVs to catch your favorite sports games, and, two armored Knights to greet you at the entrance. So, if you’ve ever wanted a Million Dollar Man Cave, (or just to look like one) or, if you have a Nascar, Gothic, MMA, Boxing, Hockey, or any other sports team favorites, give these guys a call and get started on your dream-themed idea! They’re finishing up a beautiful restoration on a 1930s dresser I’ve had for many years, and I’m so excited to see the finished product!

Their motto, “If you can Dream it, we can Theme it!”  http://www.dreamtheme.com

Social Media, The Yellow Brick Road!

Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube. What do I need, and how should I get started?  These are just some small observations and in no way cover the entire gamut of each of these social sites. This list is basically for someone who has not yet started on their social media journey! Tutorials are available for anything you want to learn. Type into Google, “Tutorials for Social Media” and the list goes on and on.

I follow a lot of topics, people, businesses, and I’m on several social media websites. Learning something every day is the key to staying young (so they tell us) and staying on top of current and relative information (if you need it), and social media is part of the equation. That alone can also be a challenge if you’re not using automation. The reason I say this is that not everyone uses it. Sure, it’s excellent for your exposure, posting relative information about your company and keeping your branding active since you can’t be there all the time. Of course, if someone has a question, or needs an immediate reply, it’s not so good unless you are receiving notifications. Do I want to see numerous notifications all day? Not really! Now, keep in mind that I’m talking about you, yourself, and not a company maintaining your social media for you. If you have a small craft business, semi-retired, retired or a working person, these are sites that need to be managed one way or another, with paid subscriptions, organic (free) and/or with using automation.

If you haven’t yet jumped on getting up to speed on the social media networks, it can be a little overwhelming. Most people, depending on their job and life/work balance only have an average of one to three sites at most. Facebook is easy to manage and easy to set up a personal page, but for business, it takes a little more work, and you should have a decent looking company page, and of course, spend a little money. If it’s strictly for selling, that’s a different route too and consider your e-commerce with additional resources like Shopify, or the like. But, what about all the other types of social media, and will they benefit you? Well, it really all depends on you.

Let’s start with a few of the most popular social media sites with no up-front costs, and just putting in your time to get started.

1. Facebook. As mentioned above, it has many benefits to both business and a personal. Aside from a business page, you can always start a group with people who follow the same topic/interest, so this site is a must! If you are not familiar with Facebook, here is a tutorial https://www.gcflearnfree.org/facebook101/

2. Linkedin. This site is one of the best B2B (Business to Business) websites to get “linked” with other business professionals or you may have a company page for recruiting and making new connections in the business world. If you’re just doing some crafts or retired, this may not be the website for you. Linkedin is not a Facebook platform, although some people like to use it like that with their personal posts, but, it should be just for business.

3. Pinterest, Instagram. Now, these two websites vary quite a bit, but they are both visual-sharing social sites where you can upload photos. With Pinterest, you’re “pinning” and liking your favorite photos, and some have retail links for purchasing or seeing someone else’s website. This website is a proven sales generator for specific interests. Instagram has a more personal experience, yet it is also excellent for your business too. If you make craft projects, these two sites are great for showing your wares!

4. Twitter. Well, what can I say! This social site is great for connections, branding, sales and so on. It can be a little tricky to get your page up and running, making lists, following people, etc., but keep in mind that interaction is important. However, you will have to work a lot to stay on top of making good connections. Replying is a must, and automation is perfect for this site!

6. YouTube. For business, making videos helps sales, period. Do you have a seminar? Are you a Realtor? Show people how to sew? Then YouTube is for you! Check it out; I’m sure you’ll learn something or at least listen to some great music!

Next time I’ll post about some of the best sites for automation if you decide to go that route! Remember, age doesn’t define you. Keep active, and that means your brain too!