Invisible, not if you Meet-up!

You know that time when you were in between 18-21? You were an adult by some standards, yet you were not by many laws.

As we age, we’re in between aging and old(er). When you finally turned twenty-one, you could partake in going out to the nightclubs, go dancing, and of course drinking, but that wasn’t the primary reason for wanting to turn twenty-one. It was the social aspect of it. As we age, we still need socializing and meeting new people.

When you’re in your early twenties through the time that you either settle down or you’re setting up your career in motion with a college, job, relationship, etc. you’re busy! Sure, you have time to go out and play, but it really all depends on what you’re doing. But, you still fit in! You fit in with socializing, tech, current trends, clothes, entertainment, etc.. Of course, not everyone, but the majority.

For the older person (single or not) sometimes you feel as though you’ve lost your fitting-in! As we’ve heard it before, and it still pertains to today, as we age we start to be a little invisible. Our cool and pretty identity is now just part of the aging process, and only the “Headliners” survive in the front row with visibility. I know that’s a strange word, “Headliner” but for the average person, we’re the background scenery.

I have found that people who don’t learn or stay current with technology, reading, or socializing have a bit more difficult time staying young (or even care about how they look) than those who are connected. And, I don’t mean a dating site either! I’m talking about the things that older people regularly do to include some social media, email, looking for entertainment venues, movies, travel, and dining. Being connected, and staying connected as we age has helped numerous people “stay young.”

One of the best ways to “get social” is MEETUP.COM. This social group website has so many options for people of all ages. Sign up and get connected with some fantastic groups, and, making new friends. If you like to read, there are reading groups, if you need to learn how to use a computer, there is a group for that too–there are literally hundreds of groups that fit your age, interests, and entertainment. And, you can always start one up yourself too!

Meet-up–get connected, stay connected and get out more. Don’t be invisible!

Happy Friday!


Life-Cycle…Next in Line!

Today, actor Robert Guillaume passed away. He was 89 and battled prostate cancer. My father is 88, and he too had prostate cancer but for seven years has been able to keep it in remission.

With people we looked up to, actors who made our evenings less boring while watching them on TV, and family in general, it puts things into perspective on aging and the next generation. I’m moving towards that next generation, unfortunately.

I think as we age, we think about dying, but we don’t want to talk about it. We don’t even want to talk about death, and we should.

I hear that most people are living longer than ever before, and while this may very well be true, what exactly will this mean for the average person.

Believe it or not, the oldest human being was 122 years old. There may be people who lived longer than that, but there are no records to confirm this. That is when the world was different. Not crowded, not polluted as much, and people ate real food. However, in the town you live in, the food you eat, the air you breathe, and, with the least amount of things you do that affects your health, not one thing can be confirmed that it won’t kill you. If you have money, live better than most, you may live longer, but no guarantee either, but again, it all depends on several factors, and not one person can tell you when you’re going to die. Life “expectancy” around the globe is only 66 1/4 years. Dang, I hadn’t thought of around-the-globe! The U.S. is a margin off from the U.K., but it seems like 80-85 is all they’re expecting most people to live. Then it got me to thinking, what if too many people live longer? That’s for another post!

I’m on a new Dash Diet (it’s not really a diet, just better for Cholesterol and your Heart), walking more, drinking less, no smoking, and although I just got my Will in order, I’m still not talking about funeral arrangements. It’s just too morbid, and yet it’s part of the life-cycle that needs to be discussed with your family, etc.

Here’s a chart about the life expectancy of the countries around the globe.