Motivation and Finding a Purpose for Writing!

These last few weeks I’ve not wanted to write anything. I’m still working the 9-6 weekly and find myself looking at so many RSS feeds and working primarily on social media and graphics during the week, that by the time I make it to Friday, I am not in any mood to sit and think of a subject, let alone to try to write. But, today and this week, in general, was a good week.

I was extremely busy with a property closing for the company. I handle the utilities turn over, seeking an auctioneer for interior items for sale, writing our public relations, a media email blast, graphic design work for marketing, video production of the interior, finding vendors to service the new property, and the list goes on. So, why, at the end of this week make me want to pick myself up and write? Motivation and purpose!

There is something about being really busy that motivates me. The other is that I find purpose in myself when I am handling several tasks and completing them all in a short period. Sure, I am always busy, but it was a new property with more to do than in my normal week that made me feel motivated.

I am also thinking about what I will feel like later on in life when I retire. If I am not always doing something different and finding purpose, how am I going to feel? I think many people find themselves feeling this way from time to time. Having a job to go to and our “routine” for many years keeps our purpose, but it’s also motivating us to stay engaged in life.

So, at this time, look for ways (while you are still working) to keep you motivated and with purpose when you decide to leave the 8-5 routine. It will make a huge difference in waking up in the morning!

Happy Friday, Happy New Year and looking forward to a great 2018!

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2 Replies to “Motivation and Finding a Purpose for Writing!”

  1. I have been writing Journals since I was 13 years old, unfortunately, through moving in the past, I lost many of the ones I had as a teenager. One of my writing gifts is being able to write in cursive backward and upside down backward. I started that in my teen years so no one could read what I was writing without knowing to look at the page in a mirror. Many of those special writings I kept in my old High School Trapper keeper which I still have. I have sadly neglected to keep a daily Journal these past few years, mainly because my kids have said my journals are fake. I guess because I write about my daily life, I can exaggerate it, but all I do is write how I feel in the moments I write and I have never lied to myself about my feelings. I am just not sure what I would ever do with my personal Journals after I die. I have about 20 Journal books so far, plus Journals talking about my Philosophies on life. I also have several books of my poetry, short stories and longer stories I have started but not finished. Maybe one day I will put my personal Journals on the web in a personal archive. As for my stories and poems, those I have to start publishing at some point in the near future.

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  2. Di, It seems as though we both have a family gene to write. You, with poems, me, with lyrics, and neither one of us has done a whole lot with any of it. Of course, there are thousands of people who write just to write because it cleanses the soul for that day or for that moment. Sometimes we just need to write it down to feel we have accomplished something, and that’s ok too. What ever you do, just make sure you put it in one place for those who may wish you read all about you! Xoxo


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