The Future of Consumer Advertising for the Aging Population

I read an article this month about assumptions in the aging population and advertisers are missing the boat when marketing to them.

Retired people don’t always eat dinner at 3 pm, do their shopping and entertainment and are in bed by 6 pm. More and more of the aging population is fit, enjoying technology and many are still working.

Also, in this mix of assumptions is advertising medication, hearing aids, stool softener, mobility and the like. And, there should be no assumptions that older people are just leisure-oriented either.

I don’t know about you, but every time I see a medication commercial I am now starting to list all of the side effects and compare notes. It seems we, as older adults, aren’t taken seriously anymore. We want to stay in the mainstream for as long as we possibly can, and advertisers need to start working on their advertising campaigns for us too! We are sick and tired of commercials being geared towards needs rather than what we want. Sure, we may “need” blood pressure medication, but we will discuss this with our physicians. We “want” a new smartphone, but not some cheap version pushing a consumer cellular plan as the preferred “senior” phone. Geez!

“…With technological innovation applied to older consumers’ actual wants, needs, and goals, older adults may soon find themselves living not just longer lives, but better lives, defined by independence and connectedness…” ~ by Joseph F. Coughlin

“Why Businesses Misunderstand Old People.”

Happy Friday, December 1, 2018

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