Forward Thinking… Don’t Label Us!

I am writing something short and sweet about a passionate subject of mine. After all, it’s #BlackFriday, and shopping is on most people’s minds.

If you put a group of children into one classroom and teach them all the same subject, what do you get? As a parent and teacher all well know each child (and adults for that matter) learns differently and unfortunately those that don’t keep up they just slap a label on these children.

If you read this list of 37 Common Traits of Dyslexia, written by Ronald D. David in 1992, ( many of us adults would be on that list. I was never labeled anything, but I struggled with hearing, math and time management, and was a class clown to help me through my awkwardness as a child. If it had not been for a few great teachers, and a grandfather who worked with me and helped me to grasp things (and to be appreciative of my artistic abilities), who knows what my adult life would have been. I am an avid reader, love to write, comprehend well, and although Math is still not my strong suit, I am a productive and engaging adult. I have never had any signs of dyslexia, but multi-tasking was so important in my career choice.

In this day and age, we really should be “forward thinking” and stop looking for traits to label children, but rather assist them with inconsistency. A label doesn’t help the child as much as the people putting them into a group of the same stereotypes and teaching them all the same thing. I know us as a society can’t have individual learning experiences in a classroom, so it’s up to the parent to find alternatives to increase their knowledge, and find out what works best for their child. And, do these parents even know that their child may be more than average in their abilities, but have no knowledge of how to help them excel.

Here are but a few good resources for parents and educators.
– JAM:
– MIND/SHIFT (How we will learn) guides to help with BIG IDEAS:

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Happy Friday!


One Reply to “Forward Thinking… Don’t Label Us!”

  1. I have always had a love of reading and writing and math has never been my strong suit either. I never could stand math or doing math, but give me Anagrams and word puzzles and I’m happy. As a child, I was pretty wild, my Dad would always have to chase me down at neighbors houses to drag me home for dinner. My Dad really didn’t do much for discipline, it was always my Step-mother who tried, but I kind of made her life miserable destroying her things, breaking her ceramics and just being a pain in the butt. My Dad was always out working, and as long as I kept myself busy, he pretty much let me do whatever I wanted. I had to go along with him on his furniture hauling and trash business just to spend time with him. I had what you call The Evil Stepmother at age 7, but she had a hard time making me do what she wanted, we butted heads a lot and over time as I became a teenager, she just let me do whatever I wanted too until she moved out when I was 15. I am completely different now than I was growing up. I am calmer, wiser and more appreciative of people. I don’t think my Dad or Stepmother knew what to do with my behavior. I think really, it was because my grandmas and Dad let me do whatever, then my Stepmother comes along and tries to instill discipline, while behind her back I still got whatever I wanted, well, that just never worked out too well.


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