Invisible Disability, Be Nice!

On Wednesday, I read about a girl who parked her car in a handicapped spot at her college only to come out and find her car had sticky notes all over it! The notes went on to say that she was selfish and a terrible person for using this spot when she clearly doesn’t look disabled. It turns out the poor girl had a brain stem tumor removed, was recovering, but left her dizzy and fatigued when walking too far.

“Invisible Disability.” As we age, our bodies just can’t do what they once did. Just a short walk through the supermarket parking lot can be painful. Heck, most of us have joint issues, maybe someone just out of the hospital, and who knows–just getting old!

So, if the word “handicapped” has to be defined, there are more of us out there than not. Look at the average person. People work construction and physical labor jobs, some are out in the sun all day and walking everywhere, even someone sitting at a desk for 8-10 hours a day is the new smoking and will kill you! We’re all hurting in some way or another, and sometimes it becomes an invisible disability. Sure, we’re not exactly labeled handicapped , but as we age, we do go a bit slower, and people’s patience may be tried.

So, although this was an unfortunate action towards this young lady, just because someone thinks people aren’t hurting, doesn’t mean they’re not. I’ll bet everyone has at least one or more family member with an invisible disability and I sure hope we can have more compassion towards them. Not everyone wants a Handicapped sticker or a special license plate either, and those people still struggle to make it across the parking lot. Is everyone these days just looking for something to complain about?

So, the next time you see someone coming out of a car and they don’t look disabled, but they have a sticker, you can probably bet there is something you just can’t see. Let’s all be aware. Be Nice!

Happy Friday!

Article: Student undergoing radiation publicly shamed for using handicapped spot

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