Clutch and Grasp that idea!

Are you passionate about an idea? There are differences in wanting something and clutching on to an idea without grasping the reigns.

We all want to hold on tightly to an idea. Sometimes we hold on so tight that we never let it go. We don’t move forward because of thinking that someone might “steal” the idea, or maybe we just don’t have a complete grasp on what it takes to get your idea off the ground.

I read a post on LifeHacker a few years ago, and it really made sense! “How to Motivate Yourself to Actually Start That Passion Project.” Clutching on to that idea isn’t going to move it forward, and getting started is the hardest part, but once you find your rein, don’t let your idea go down the drain (unless your idea has something to do with plumbing of course!), Haha!!


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Forward Thinking… Don’t Label Us!

I am writing something short and sweet about a passionate subject of mine. After all, it’s #BlackFriday, and shopping is on most people’s minds.

If you put a group of children into one classroom and teach them all the same subject, what do you get? As a parent and teacher all well know each child (and adults for that matter) learns differently and unfortunately those that don’t keep up they just slap a label on these children.

If you read this list of 37 Common Traits of Dyslexia, written by Ronald D. David in 1992, ( many of us adults would be on that list. I was never labeled anything, but I struggled with hearing, math and time management, and was a class clown to help me through my awkwardness as a child. If it had not been for a few great teachers, and a grandfather who worked with me and helped me to grasp things (and to be appreciative of my artistic abilities), who knows what my adult life would have been. I am an avid reader, love to write, comprehend well, and although Math is still not my strong suit, I am a productive and engaging adult. I have never had any signs of dyslexia, but multi-tasking was so important in my career choice.

In this day and age, we really should be “forward thinking” and stop looking for traits to label children, but rather assist them with inconsistency. A label doesn’t help the child as much as the people putting them into a group of the same stereotypes and teaching them all the same thing. I know us as a society can’t have individual learning experiences in a classroom, so it’s up to the parent to find alternatives to increase their knowledge, and find out what works best for their child. And, do these parents even know that their child may be more than average in their abilities, but have no knowledge of how to help them excel.

Here are but a few good resources for parents and educators.
– JAM:
– MIND/SHIFT (How we will learn) guides to help with BIG IDEAS:

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Happy Friday!


Independent or Assisted Living?

I will be turning 62 this year, and never gave it a second thought about “not” living in my own home. Of course, there are many people out there who are also my age and feel the same way. We “don’t” think about the next phase of our life. Yes, we are seniors, baby-boomers, and aging, but many of us don’t feel that old yet, and although we’re still thinking about retirement and what we’ll do, many of us don’t think about planning for assisted living and beyond.

I have discussed retirement and what I’ll do if I’m lucky enough, but honestly, I’m not so sure I’ll be able to retire when the time comes. The thought of retiring just doesn’t seem that important yet, and planning is a whole other story. I am the typical middle-class Mom, work, keep a home, and all that goes with the financial responsibilities has been more important and saving for retirement is a whole other story too.

This past summer is when it really hit me. A friend’s mother 84, decided to relocate here to Las Vegas. She stayed with me for a month while I helped my friend find her an assisted living community. My friend thought that his Mother needed some help with cooking, bathing, and housekeeping, so assisted living was the first choice. My friend had previously looked at several of them before deciding on “the one” or so he thought!

While doing the tour, I was amazed though at the landscaping, open setting, large living room, event room, parlor with a fish tank, and an area to dance. Wow! It is more like a hotel rather than an assisted living community. What impressed me the most was the comradery among the residents and staff. Of course, you can’t always judge a book by its cover, and it was just a tour, so they stopped by several times unannounced after that to check it out.

It’s been a few months now since she moved in, and although a bit getting used to with scheduled meal times and activities throughout the day, everything seems to be going ok, but she says she is too independent and doesn’t plan on staying there after the Winter. From what I do know is that “if you don’t ask, you can’t expect it” and I can understand that. There are lots of rules though. Assisted living and independent living are two totally different ways of living, and both to take into consideration as we age if we need any help at all.

I think the hardest thing about moving into an assisted living community is the age thing. Although the age range is from 45 to 98 at this particular place, I see many folks who are mainly in their eighties. I think of how I may need to have assistance at that age, and I still find it hard to comprehend. Am I just denying the fact that in less than twenty years I may need to live in a similar community? I know it’s a difficult subject to comprehend when you’re just 62.

There are hundreds of websites for seniors, financial planners, and of course, a variety of retirement communities all over the U.S. One, in particular, caught my eye recently, “Holiday” with independent senior living communities all across the U.S., (these basically handle cooking, cleaning and activities) and from what I understand, you can move around within their communities all over the U.S. Something to think about if you’re needing a little assistance!

Happy Friday!

Invisible Disability, Be Nice!

On Wednesday, I read about a girl who parked her car in a handicapped spot at her college only to come out and find her car had sticky notes all over it! The notes went on to say that she was selfish and a terrible person for using this spot when she clearly doesn’t look disabled. It turns out the poor girl had a brain stem tumor removed, was recovering, but left her dizzy and fatigued when walking too far.

“Invisible Disability.” As we age, our bodies just can’t do what they once did. Just a short walk through the supermarket parking lot can be painful. Heck, most of us have joint issues, maybe someone just out of the hospital, and who knows–just getting old!

So, if the word “handicapped” has to be defined, there are more of us out there than not. Look at the average person. People work construction and physical labor jobs, some are out in the sun all day and walking everywhere, even someone sitting at a desk for 8-10 hours a day is the new smoking and will kill you! We’re all hurting in some way or another, and sometimes it becomes an invisible disability. Sure, we’re not exactly labeled handicapped , but as we age, we do go a bit slower, and people’s patience may be tried.

So, although this was an unfortunate action towards this young lady, just because someone thinks people aren’t hurting, doesn’t mean they’re not. I’ll bet everyone has at least one or more family member with an invisible disability and I sure hope we can have more compassion towards them. Not everyone wants a Handicapped sticker or a special license plate either, and those people still struggle to make it across the parking lot. Is everyone these days just looking for something to complain about?

So, the next time you see someone coming out of a car and they don’t look disabled, but they have a sticker, you can probably bet there is something you just can’t see. Let’s all be aware. Be Nice!

Happy Friday!

Article: Student undergoing radiation publicly shamed for using handicapped spot

Invisible, not if you Meet-up!

You know that time when you were in between 18-21? You were an adult by some standards, yet you were not by many laws.

As we age, we’re in between aging and old(er). When you finally turned twenty-one, you could partake in going out to the nightclubs, go dancing, and of course drinking, but that wasn’t the primary reason for wanting to turn twenty-one. It was the social aspect of it. As we age, we still need socializing and meeting new people.

When you’re in your early twenties through the time that you either settle down or you’re setting up your career in motion with a college, job, relationship, etc. you’re busy! Sure, you have time to go out and play, but it really all depends on what you’re doing. But, you still fit in! You fit in with socializing, tech, current trends, clothes, entertainment, etc.. Of course, not everyone, but the majority.

For the older person (single or not) sometimes you feel as though you’ve lost your fitting-in! As we’ve heard it before, and it still pertains to today, as we age we start to be a little invisible. Our cool and pretty identity is now just part of the aging process, and only the “Headliners” survive in the front row with visibility. I know that’s a strange word, “Headliner” but for the average person, we’re the background scenery.

I have found that people who don’t learn or stay current with technology, reading, or socializing have a bit more difficult time staying young (or even care about how they look) than those who are connected. And, I don’t mean a dating site either! I’m talking about the things that older people regularly do to include some social media, email, looking for entertainment venues, movies, travel, and dining. Being connected, and staying connected as we age has helped numerous people “stay young.”

One of the best ways to “get social” is MEETUP.COM. This social group website has so many options for people of all ages. Sign up and get connected with some fantastic groups, and, making new friends. If you like to read, there are reading groups, if you need to learn how to use a computer, there is a group for that too–there are literally hundreds of groups that fit your age, interests, and entertainment. And, you can always start one up yourself too!

Meet-up–get connected, stay connected and get out more. Don’t be invisible!

Happy Friday!