Doilies. Furniture took on a whole new look!

It’s so funny when I think about the past and what people were doing to keep their furniture lasting longer! It is a totally different mindset now with no one maintaining things for that long!

Seriously, women used to knit all the time, and don’t forget those crocheted doilies. I remember every single table, nightstand, TV console, hearth in my grandmother’s house was covered with one, and lest we not forget the plastic couch covers! OMG, I was always saying something to my grandparents about taking them off the furniture. Can you imagine sitting on those plastic covers in the middle of summer? And, women wore dresses! Ouch!!

Now keep in mind, I’m not a spring chicken, well, maybe there is still a lot of spring left in me, however, even growing up in my time which was right around the Vietnam War Veterans coming home, I never remembered my parents, and certainly not myself covering anything. The tables were bare, and if they got scratched so be it. Coasters were always used in my parents and my home, but no doilies. Maybe a tablecloth!

People used to keep their furniture for a very long time. It was made well, and it was affordable. The only thing affordable now is discount furniture stores, Walmart or Big Lots type items. Even the larger furniture stores make laminated junk and still charges thousands for a couch set. Mostly everything is laminated these days. I don’t know what happened to good solid wood furniture but I guess it’s too expensive to make. Maybe a doily would help give some character to it now that I think about it.

So, the next time you go to a church craft fair, see if the older folks are making doilies. If not, they have gone to the resting place in our minds called the past! #Happy Friday

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