Machine Learning, Automation, the Cloud & IoT…Are you prepared?


I am of the “old school” generation, yet started in the computer industry in the early 80s, I’m computer, graphics, and web savvy. However, I am also concerned about our human race in this time of uncertainty in the wave of the all-knowing IoT. We are making things more intelligent, creating better working machines, and, I’m interested in knowing what most people will be doing for work in the future?

Back in the early 80s, I could foresee the future. I started writing a book called Animation where we were growing artificial skin that looked and felt real and making 3D artificial limbs. Computers were programmed and built life-like people for our personal needs. With face-phones and all of the things that are happening now, it was the future. If I had finished that book, it probably would have been a best seller. Movies were made about this stuff too, and yet, it was just the movies and creative scripts.

So, here we are, and all those things are happening now, but my question is, “what is preparing us “ALL” for the future of being totally connected?” Most of the people around the globe do not have the education and resources to keep up with the Internet of Things. You would think that by this day-and-age everyone would be on the same playing field with technology…oh heck no!

What are your thoughts? Are you prepared?

Here’s some additional insight from Daniel Burrus, leading technology forecaster:

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